Sunday, October 16, 2011

It Ain't No Funk Like N.O. Funk

Corey Richardson - our intrepid tuba tooter
In our pursuit of congregational singing we may have gone too far this morning.

Part of the trick with making music for a congregation to sing is that you have to take into account the skills of the musicians at your disposal . . . and we have Corey and his tuba. What hymns lend themselves to a tuba? I wrote a few weeks ago about our foray into Oktoberfest territory. Well German Town is a fine destination -- but this Sunday I thought we should head over to the French Quarter.

I took the kids out on Saturday and left Libby--our arranger and creative genius--with a cd of Rebirth Brass Band and instructions to get a tuba line to fit the old chestnut Si Ya Humba (We are Marching). She took inspiration from their track Feel Like Funkin' It Up. I didn't try announcing the title in the service--there may have been some confusion!

Corey did well with a piece in E (fine for guitarists, horrible for tubas).

See if you can spot any similarity between the two.

Red Team - We Are Marching (Click to Listen) 

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