Monday, December 15, 2014

"I feel like singing and they need to come help me!"

My friend Shae, who I know from my days in the University of Mississippi Gospel Choir, recently made this post to Facebook. Her daughter is in hospital and is going through a tough time. I wrote to Shae and asked if I could share this on the blog. She wrote back:
Yes sir you most certainly can!! Those are my miracle babies!! The boys are twins and they were born autistic. The doctors told us that they would probably not ever talk or function. They couldn't talk until age 4! They have always been able to sing praises to God tho!! Sarah was born five years later and she completed the sound!! They have been singing in harmony since she was 2!!
This testimony of family and of singing God's praises together moved me to tears. 
It is the sound of community that defeats isolation. 
It is the sound of hope that overcomes despair. 
It is the sound of love that heals the sick.

As I preached the other week:
The Song became flesh and dwelt among us and the deafening silence could not overcome it.

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